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 WELCOME!  to Dove Engineering and Consulting.  Located in beautiful Bradenton, Florida.

Along with our associates, we offer a full range of Engineering services.     

Do you need site and development engineering, but find that large engineering firms exceed your budget? 

In your experience working with engineers, is there a disconnect between the the representatives who sell you the service and the staff that executes the work?

Do engineers seem high priced for project permitting and design?

Does the engineering effort move much slower than you expected?

Dove Engineering and Consulting is redefining the engineering community by providing direct connections between the engineering staff and the client, with no middlemen, providing service and answers quickly and efficiently.

With no salesmen, we drastically reduce the cost of engineering services and maximize communication between the designer and the's the personal touch that you can trust!

Our engineering services focus on one project at a time.   We strive to provide a quick permit so we can provide efficient services and pass the cost savings on to our clients.

Though we are a young firm, established in 2006, we have a broad range of engineering experience.  Click here to view our Project Experience Map for further information.

Our offices are located in beautiful Bradenton, Florida

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 5910 Cortez Road Suite, 100                       P.O. Box 14631
 Bradenton, Florida  34210                           Bradenton, Florida 34280-4631

 Phone (941) 400-6044   
 Fax (941) 792-0714 (voice/fax call to send)
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Company History and Policies          


Formed in 2006, Dove Engineering has made its primary focus engineering services for the private land owner with smaller site improvement projects.   We excel in engineering for parking lots, utility extensions, roadway extensions, site planning, and site drainage.

Founder and president, Timothy A. Dove, PE, is no stranger to the community here in Manatee and Sarasota Counties.  Born and raised in Bradenton, Florida, he has watched the development and vast expansion of his home town and the surrounding community through the years.  He understands the need for developments that reflect the richness of the area, while protecting the rights of developers to make the most of their properties.  

graduate of the University of Florida, Tim Dove began his engineering career in 1986, as an inspector for a local engineering firm.  There he gained the knowledge of construction techniques,the impact of design on final produc,t and the mechanics of building design. 

Tim was a partner with David Haley, PE in Haley Dove Engineering in the early 1990s.  During this time, he engineered and managed a wide variety of projects with specific requirements for agency review and permitting. 

Most re
cently, Tim gained extensive experience engineering for eleven (11) years at Zoller, Najjar and Shroyer, L.C.  (now ZNS Engineering), where he was Assistant Vice President.  


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5910 Cortez Road, Suite 100                   

Bradenton, Florida  34210                                       Bradenton, Florida  34205
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